Beat the heat this summer with a short haircut and shave from Phase 3 Barber Shop. Our skilled barbers are familiar with all the most popular styles, including Mohawks, temple fades, regular fades, and traditional haircuts. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

MEN’S HAIRCUTS | Phase 3 Barber Shop offers traditional and contemporary barber services for men of all ages. We don’t use fancy electrical razors or high-tech shavers; instead, we prefer to do it the old-fashioned way with a sturdy pair of scissors. Visit us today to enjoy an authentic barbershop experience.
BOYS’ HAIRCUTS | Our boys’ haircuts are available to young gentlemen under the age of 12. Like our men’s haircuts, we use a single pair of scissors to provide an authentic, old-fashioned experience. Shampoo services are also available for a slight fee.
FULL-SERVICE FACIALS | Treat yourself to an invigorating facial at Phase 3 Barber Shop. We provide facial shaves the traditional way using old-fashioned shaving cream lather and a straight razor. You can also enjoy a mudpack treatment, a facial massage, and a hot towel treatment to clear out your pores. After your facial of choice, we complete the treatment with a soothing facial cream massage.
WOMEN’S SHORT HAIRCUTS | Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated with maintaining a full head of hair? If so, you may want to consider getting a short haircut. With a short haircut from Phase 3 Barber Shop, you can enjoy a natural look and more defined lines with one easy appointment.
DEEP SCALP TREATMENTS | Our relaxing deep scalp treatments include a shampoo treatment and hot oil treatment that penetrates deep into your pores and the follicles of your hair. This treatment promotes a healthy scalp and eliminates dandruff at its origin.
WOMEN’S SPECIALTY EYEBROW ARCHING | Keep your eyebrows under control with professional shaving and trimming services from Phase 3 Barber Shop. Our eyebrow trimming services are performed with straight razors to provide a much simpler and less painful alternative to tweezers. Additionally, the effects of our eyebrow arching services tend to last longer than standard plucking with tweezers.
HAIR STYLIST | We have a professional stylist.

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Contact us at (770) 406-7504 and schedule an appointment for a stylish new haircut and scalp treatment with our barbers in Atlanta, Georgia.


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